Botanic Zine (free shipping with code in description)

Botanic Zine (free shipping with code in description)


16 page black and white zine.

A photozine compiled from a visit to a botanic garden. This is my first zine project.

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Like any classic zine, it is printed on simple copier paper with a yellow paper “jacket”. These zines are all made by hand so there is some discrepancy in staple placement and the cut of the paper because I made each one.

BOTANIC is my first photozine. It is also the last project I completed with my first analog SLR, a trusty Pentax ME Super. These images were collected at the Chicago Botanic garden. I shot on Fomapan 400 film, and developed the film in Ilfotec DD-X. Through the process of developing this film, I found that the cheap Foma film lended a softness to the images that I had not anticipated. What came out felt even more coherent than I originally expected and given that the garden was so busy I could juxtapose images of austere cultivated natural spaces with the clusters of people.