Winamp to shut down this December after 15 years really whips the llama’s ass!
— Winamp

The tagline that greeted users when they ran Winamp for the first time will now only be a memory.

Winamp, the media player that seemed to burst on the scene just as MP3s were becoming popular has announced that the site and the software will no long be available as of December 20th.

Winamp's biggest strength was that it supported MP3s from installation.

I remember reading about downloading MP3s and how they wouldn't play on your computer without a media player that could read the new file type. Winamp was almost invariably the free solution that sites recommended, and throughout high school and college it was my go to media player.

One of the things that led the way to Winamp's demise was the iPod. iPods relied on iTunes to load music. As people started using iPods, reliance on Winamp dwindled. After the iPod, smartphones and streaming solutions like Spotify and Google Play (as well as Apple's continued dominance in online music sales) further marginalized the old, steadfast Winamp.

But let's remember the better times, when you'd load in your entire library of music and set the player to "random" and let it play for days and days on your desktop.