Dispatch into chaos

In the ever-evolving processes of life, this page is undergoing shakeups.

It feels like a lot of work to decide what is worthy of the "Black Rectangle brand" which is something I can't believe I just typed. It's barely a brand, and now that Black Mirror kind of ran away with the whole "what if phones but too much" thing, it feels less and less interesting to me to try and run with that.

Part of what is leading to this reconsideration is that my goals have shifted I'm less worried about coming up with some kind of grand unifying "awesome idea" and instead putting more effort into different areas. Photography and writing will still be here, but just... different. No more "black rectangle" anything that isn't me, Ben.

Sidenote: for a while I had thought of using different names on the blog that I would write under to suggest that there was some kind of larger organization to this site. Suffice to say that was too much work for me. I'm glad that I didn't pursue that too far.

Like a lot of people, I have a LinkedIn page. I hate it. I hate LinkedIn. I still can't bring myself to delete it just because I keep thinking someone is going to try and reach out to me there. I honestly don't think I've ever gotten anything out of LinkedIn besides just wasting my time trying to polish up my page and enduring the "hustle zombies post about how much they respect Mark Zuckerberg."

Suffice to say that I think having a personal website is more important to me now than it has been in a long time. Despite the fact that i pay someone to host it, there's no other real advertising happening here. It's not even really ad-friendly and I think in 2018 and going forward I am proud of the fact that no one really reads this unless I direct them to it.

It's not a thing. No one cares until they're interested in who I am. That's fine.

Nobody reads your blog.
I'm just trying to do me

I'm just trying to do me

In the past couple of months I came up with a photography pseudonym/handle: "30ghosts"

It's derived from something I think I read from Warren Ellis. He wrote that there are something like 23 dead people for every living person on the Earth. I rounded that up since "30ghosts" kinds of rolls of the tongue better and it's probably just as true in the sense that we all are part of a legacy of humanity. Yes, that's pretty high concept. I guess that's part of my deal.

If you type the URL "30ghosts.rip" into your browser, that will take you to my public facing Instagram. As the weather gets better, it will be populated with more new stuff.