Dispatch 1: Soylent, non-food for non-humans

I want to revive this blog and I know that posting everything as it comes to social media just doesn't really cut it, so instead let's try something different.

Soylent is not people

Over it's short history, Soylent has gone to fascinating lengths to not just streamline the process of consuming food but to dehumanize itself, its customers, and its product. The next step is an "AI spokesperson" named Trish.

Trish has a Bitcoin-based store, Soy Route, on the dark web, where Soylent aims to sell rare products including mystery-flavor Soylent, a beef-flavor kit and golden Soylent signed by the CEO. Trish is also set to make an appearance at the upcoming SXSW Conference.


Soylent's mission from the start has been to eliminate the tedium of preparing food, while also being as convenient as junk food. However, the second factor here is that it frees up the individual to spend more time on their work. I'm sure there could be some joy expressed in that opportunity, but Soylent is not interested in frivolous things like that. It is efficiciency for efficiency's sake.

35mm Wasteland

Kodak has been pushing to get filmmakers interested in shooting on film once more, but it's been a struggle since much of the film infrastructure of the 20th century has already disappeared.

This post by Anna Biller details the almost post-apocalyptic landscape of trying to shoot a movie on 35mm film.


S I M P S O N W A V E is saving my life

I am about three or four years behind this trend, but Simpsons Wave has become a goto thing in my downtime at work, especially in the morning.

Simpson Wave is an aesthetic that blends the highly specific (and specifically high) genre of vaporwave with clips from TheSimpsons. As usual it is better to show instead of just telling. Here is a particularly brilliant example:

Song: HOME - Decay

If you're at all familiar with the Simpsons, the appeal should be fairly apparent. It is complete and total nostalgia and ennui. There are some (okay, a lot) of weed references in the simpler versions of this kind of video, but the core of it plasters on a hyper-color 80s haze mixed with the very simple Simpsons design. The video noise, tape hiss, and peripherally psychedelic apsects only serve to augment it.



The War on Women is over

Also, since it was #international women's day. Congrats on winning the gender war.