Where are they now? Dashcon

One of the longer pieces I have ever written for my site was covering Dashcon. It was the biggest "hit" of this site too, aside from the traffic that nanowripod picks up every November. It had at least become so notorious as to have its own Wikipedia page, so I was curious whatever became of it. 

Dashcon.org, the primary domain for Dashcon is now up for sale on namecheap. The tumblr page is still active (amazingly) but hasn't been updated since September when it was announced that Dashcon LLC was liquidating and attempting to settle it's outstanding debts.

When I had finished writing the piece, there was still talk of Dashcon having a second event in 2015 in Indianapolis. With Dashcon officially dead, that meant no Indianapolis event.


The folks that had gone off and started Dashcon apparently created a new LLC called "So Attacked Entertainment"- a winking reference to the Tumblr meme of "feeling so attacked" (which they certainly were in the immediate aftermath of the 2014 convention).

Dashcon was dead. Long live Emoti-con.

While the official word from Dashcon was that Emoti-con was a wholly new concept, the fact that it was planned for the same location and date as Dashcon 2015 and had two of the three principle organizers, it's clear that the amount of "DNA" the two events shared would cause them to be functionally similar.

Alas, Emoti-con was not long for this world and folded a well. So Attacked Entertainment still appears to be alive, but does not seem to be active in any way.

So here lies Dashcon. It was an interesting convention experiment. Where comic and scifi cons had largely moved into broader "media" inclusion, Dashcon admirably targeted the hardcore fans of the properties first. People so committed to entertainment they enjoyed to the point where it became a part of the art they created themselves. Yes, it was immature and silly, but at least it had a chance.